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Girl, take a break.
And not just any break — a SMK BRK.

SMK BRK (pronounced ‘smoke break’) is the only safe haven for women to enjoy themselves and make space for their personal fulfillment through their cannabis use.

We already know the stigmas and the stereotypes that the world places over our heads. It’s time for us to tell a new narrative, starting among ourselves. We’re here to remind you that your freedom is always in reach and whether you’re new to this or true to this green life, we’re answering all of your cannabis consumption questions in a way that connects to you and your daily adventures.

Think of us as your homegirl that’s always putting you on to new tea, new facts, and new shiny things. We just do so with weed in tow. Here at SMK BRK, you are welcome to grab a blunt, chill, and finally relax without judgment.

Here’s to a better life, sis.

Go ahead and roll up again.


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An acoustic, chill journey into feeling your feelings. Moody in the best way.

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