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Sis, it’s time for a break.
And not just any break – a SMK BRK.

SMK BRK (pronounced ‘smoke break’) is a community dedicated to empowering women who enjoy cannabis.

We already know the stigmas and the stereotypes that the world places over our heads. It’s time for us to tell a new narrative, starting among ourselves. We’re here to remind you that your freedom is always in reach and whether you’re new to this or true to this green life, we’re answering all of your cannabis consumption questions in a way that connects to you and your daily adventures.

Think of us as your homegirl that’s always putting you on to new tea, new facts, and new shiny things. We just do so with weed in tow. Here at SMK BRK, you are welcome to grab a blunt, chill, and finally relax without judgment.

Here’s to a better life, sis.

Roll up. You know what time it is.

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Why cannabis?

“Cannabis helps me decrease my stress and anxiety and relaxes me to get better sleep. Prefer it over alcohol because it mellows me out and keeps me calm and more relatable to my natural state of being.”

— Rachel Williams, Vol. 104

“Cannabis grants me the permission to explore various aspects of my mental and emotional state—without shame, and the utmost safety! It’s like my inner child coming out to play.”

— Kay Clouds, Vol. 124

“Everyone has their thing that they like to do to remain present. Mine is to roll some exotic shit into an Irish creme Dutch, spark it, and center myself. It’s the one thing that I can look forward to on a shitty or great day. It takes me to my happy place.”

— Dawn LaChel, Vol. 102
Learn why women consume cannabis

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