SMK BRK is the only safe haven for women to enjoy themselves and make space for their personal fulfillment through their cannabis use.

We are the best friend of the woman who loves weed, her friends, and elevated life experiences. Women as a whole are the latest growing consumer demographic within the cannabis space. Even with all of that proven effectiveness, women have no go-to source for all their cannabis questions.

This is why we exist. We are that resource.

Cannabis simply complements our lifestyle. It doesn’t define us.

Our mission is to create a new normal around cannabis consumption through the activation of lifestyle-inspired events, music-based marketing campaigns, and informative guides that help women actualize a space to feel comfortable about being open with their cannabis use.

66% of women hide their cannabis use.
SMK BRK will change that.



Laura OG is a cannabis cultivator, educator, and consultant dedicated to teaching women how to incorporate cannabis into their everyday life through conscious consumption and self-care practices.

She is an advocate for equity and diversity within the cannabis industry and founded SMK BRK in the pursuit of normalizing conversations between women and cannabis through storytelling, design, events, and music curation. She lobbies for home grows and believes everyone should have the knowledge + space to grow their own medicine.

After obtaining a BFA in Design at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Laura became a known cultivator in the area of print design, brand strategy, and creative direction. She co-founded Design Deli NYC, a brand strategy design consultancy, that attracts major female-led clients within the cannabis, beauty, and wellness space.

Between both her passion for cannabis and exciting brand concepts, Laura has introduced new levels of execution and thought to both industries and continues to break the ceiling on what’s possible and what’s imagined.

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SMK BRK’s goal is to create a safe space for women to feel comfortable about being open with their cannabis use. Not just there yet? We understand.

We still would like to provide you with a safe place to anonymously submit any questions, comments or concerns you may have around weed. Free of any judgment or ridicule.

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