How To: Elevate Your Smoke Breaks

You deserve the best high. It’s time to elevate your smoking experience.

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned smoker, there are always little tricks you can learn to elevate your smoke breaks or high. Today, we present you with a few tips that will make your weed taste better, last longer and get you higher. These little tips can make a big difference in your future smoke breaks. Give at least one of them a try this week. 

A guide to elevating your next smoke session:

Know when to grind vs. when to break up with your hand.

When it comes to how one should break up their bud a lot of deciding factors can come into play: are the buds dense vs. light and fluffy, are the buds super sticky or dry, are you hitting a bowl or rolling? Our basic rule of thumb: break buds by hand when you’re packing a bowl/bong, other than that use a grinder for your joints. A nice, even grind of your buds makes for better airflow and trichome (the small crystals on cannabis) exposure which means more cannabinoids and terpenes get into your system. Grinding your bud also lessens the chance of your joint “canoeing.” But be careful, too fine of a grind can cause the weed to burn very fast and smoke harsher. When it comes to grinders, we recommend at least a four-chamber, heavy-duty aluminum model with sharp diamond cutting teeth + a stainless steel mesh screen to let all the valuable kief (concentrated trichome pollen) fall through the bottom for collecting, like this one.

Opt for joints instead of blunts.

We know… we know… you love your blunts, tho. As long as you continue to smoke blunts, backwoods, or mix frontal into your spliff, you won’t be able to actually taste your weed. The tobacco will overpower whatever you’re smoking. For a purer smoking experience that allows you to taste the terpene profile of the strain you’re smoking, go with papers. Hemp or rice rolling papers to be exact. They burn a lot less harsh than regular papers and have a way smoother taste. Can’t roll papers? Get you some cones, sis. Our recommendation: RAW Classic King Cones or Element Cones.  

Let it dry.

Whether you decide to roll papers or blunts, the key is to let it dry. We cannot stress this enough. No one likes a wet blunt or joint. We’re not talking about using your lighter to fasten the drying process.. we’re talking let it completely dry before smoking. At least five minutes should do. Use the time to prepare your crib for the smoking session. Remember: allowing your joint to completely dry will give you an even smoke and lessen the chance of it canoeing. 

Eat mango before your smoke session.

Eating a slightly overripe mango about 30 minutes before consuming cannabis will increase the potency of your high. How Sway? When a person eats a mango, the Myrcene terpene will go straight into the bloodstream. Increasing the amount of Myrcene in the blood system results in more THC getting to the brain which results in a higher you. Give it a try. 

Store weed in airtight containers.

If your weed comes in a baggie, don’t keep it in there. Temperature, humidity, light, and air all have the ability to degrade your weed. Leaving fresh buds exposed to oxygen will begin to dry them out resulting in a harsher, dry smoke and lower THC content. When storing your weed, we recommend an airtight glass container. A glass mason jar is your best friend when it comes to cost-effective storage. However, any airtight glass container will do. The top should have a complete seal to completely protect your buds from exposure to the air. Once your buds have made it into a glass jar, keep them out of light and away from heat. We recommend mason jars for daily use and vacuum sealing your bud for long-term storage. 

Calm your mind.

Before you begin any smoke break, calm your mind down. Try your best to remove all the fog and clutter happening in your mind. When you do begin to smoke, be fully present in the moment. Allow your mind to build the high with every inhale. Don’t just mindlessly puff away. By being present with each smoke break, you’ll be able to be more in tune with your body + understand the effects that different strains have on you. 

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