How To: Smoke Out Your Crib

Your whole building doesn’t need to know you smoke weed. Hold it down.

When smoking indoors, there are quite a few things you want to take into consideration before sparking up. Especially if that said place is your crib. While you may love the smell of Blue Dream, others may not. Whether you live in a legal state or not, we want to keep neighbors out your business, your roommates happy, and your crib not smelling of loud.

A guide to smoking out your crib:

The further away from the front door you are, the better.

While the living room might feel like the most convenient place for a sesh, it isn’t always the most ideal spot if you want to be considerate to neighbors +/or roommates. Instead, opt to smoke out a room that’s as far away from your front door as possible. 

Light up something to hide the dank.

Before any blunt gets lit, light up a candle or incense. If you’re lighting a candle, try to light it at least ten minutes before the sesh to give it time to smell up the room. We prefer lighting incense as they tend to work faster to mask smells. Keep your candle or incense lit well after the sesh is done to continue to drown out the dank. The SMK BRK incense of choice: Satya Nag Champa or California White Sage.

Open windows while smoking.

The more open windows, the better. Especially if the windows are adjacent to each other. Allow fresh air to move that stale smoke the fuck out your crib. If you have an oscillating fan, use it as an added bonus to further push the smoke air out. 

Get you a door odor blocker.

These may not be feng shui, but they’re efficient at keeping smells in or out, including your spliff. We recommend putting this on the door of any room you commonly smoke out of, including the front door.

If you don’t feel like doing any of this, smoke while cooking a meal.

Nothing hides the smell of loud more than cooking meat and fish, or aromatics… you know, onions, peppers, herbs. Kill two birds with one stone: smoke and get food ready for when the munchies hit. 

Bathrooms are always clutch.

If all else fails, go to a mother’s sanctuary… the bathroom. Turn on that hot shower, put a towel by the door, open a window and spark up in peace.

Invest in a good air purifier.

If you’re an indoor smoker or have a lot of smoker friends over quite often, get an air purifier. You’ll want an air purifier with a True HEPA filter for removing smoke particles and a thick activated carbon filter for reducing smoke odors. Air purifiers are an all-around amazing piece of tech to have, even if you don’t smoke in the crib. Who doesn’t like clean air? Our recommendations for air purifiers: LEVOIT Air Purifier or the Rabbit Air Minus.

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