A sing-a-long + shake-your-ass solo or with friends mix inspired by the electronica/dance club + basement house party culture that the LGBTQ+ community paved the way for! Think Electric Zoo meets House Party: Queer Edition.

Curator of the Month
Samantha Martins
Samantha Martins (she/her) is a Queer, Brown, Latina and Bronx, NY native who plays many roles including Yoga and meditation teacher, musician, writer, speaker, and mental health and plant medicine advocate. She has her Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Music and has been studying, practicing, and teaching various mind-body-spirit modalities for over a decade. Her current work is centered around sharing the wisdom of different holistic wellness practices and philosophies as well as destigmatizing mental health issues and Cannabis use through conversation, education and intentional use. In addition to being a multi-faceted creator and teacher, Samantha is also a playlist curator and Cannabis and lifestyle writer. She seeks to educate, elevate, and empower people by sharing the tools of Yoga, plant medicine, self inquiry, and the musical arts for optimal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

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