Sounds to vibe to when you want to manifest, indulge in self-care + celebrate with Black women.

Weed for Black Women is a media, culture, and community hub that strives to educate Black women on the power of the cannabis plant, inspire involvement and change within the industry, while destigmatizing cannabis use. Our goal is to create a warm and welcome space for Black women to indulge and learn.
Why did your business decide to get into the cannabis industry?
"The idea for Weed for Black Women was born out of, co-founders, Gbemi Maiyegun and Jayde Powell’s desire to create a brand that represents Black women in the cannabis space. After working together in the cannabis industry, Gbemi and Jayde realized that there was not only a severe lack of representation in the cannabis industry but also an ever-present, negative stigma that still runs rampant in the Black community. With over twenty years of experience in marketing and advertising, combined, Gbemi and Jayde are utilizing their knowledge to bring Black women to the forefront of the cannabis conversation."
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