With it being the start of a new decade, I wanted to create a vibe that not only motivated me but reminded me of who tf I am.

Social Media Manager, Cannaclusive
Dallas, Texas + Brooklyn, New York
Why Cannabis?
"Cannabis found me about a decade ago but it wasn't until recently that I found my truth, passion, and purpose within the industry. Raised in the South, you can imagine the convos that were had on how this is a "drug" from my family. At that moment I knew, I had to be vocal for this plant because it couldn't speak for itself. Being involved so closely in this industry with collectives like Cannaclusive, truly changed the perception that cannabis has had in the past. Not only are we working together to change the negative perception displayed by the media decades ago, but we are also creating advocates through education for the black and brown community."
Roll Up + Take A Listen
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