Curate our next smoke break vibe.

Our playlists are curated sounds from lit women, like yourself—of all ethnicities, ages, locations, and professions—that consciously incorporate cannabis into their everyday lives. These playlists are meant to set the vibe for our next smoke break.

Every woman is different, therefore, no one vibe is the same.

This playlist gives us a bit more insight about you and the type of vibe you like to connect with when you’re in your highest form. Along with curating songs, you’ll be asked to share your favorite cultivars +/or cannabis products. This will allow us the opportunity to put our ladies on strains and products that weren’t on their radar. We kick off every Monday with a new playlist then spend the week promoting you, your projects, and your playlist.

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To contribute to the #SmkBrkPlaylist, we have only one requirement:

You’re a woman that unapologetically incorporates cannabis into her everyday life.

The playlist schedule for the upcoming month is released during the last week of the month on our socials.

We do not accept Spotify + Apple Music links to pre-existing playlist. We ask that the playlist you provide for SMK BRK not be available anywhere else. Submissions with links to existing playlist will not be featured.
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