Why cannabis?

Isn’t it crazy that you never have to ask anyone why they consume alcohol?

If someone did, would the answers be as profound as the answers given when asked ‘why cannabis?’ We don’t think so. While we hate having to ask women why they choose to consume, we are always inspired by their answers. Hopefully one day, there will be no need for this question. But until that day, we hope at least one woman can feel a little more comfortable about her reasons when she sees posts like this.

Whenever someone questions you or any other women as to why she chooses to consume, send them here. Let them read the myriad of ways in which cannabis has helped women.

“Why not? Cannabis first and foremost is sacred plant medicine that actives & aligns us to more ease and peace in our lives. When this medicine found me, it guided me through two autoimmune diseases & mental health diagnoses. I live more joyful thanks to cannabis in every way. Plant medicine is healing. I said what I said.”

— Lotus Laloba, Vol. 111

“I use cannabis daily to help with chronic pain. I struggle with migraines and after being on a series of medications and getting little to no relief, I turned to cannabis and immediately felt the difference. I can find ease where there was once tension, and that makes the world of a difference for me everyday.

— Sid Chambers, Vol. 135

Cannabis has become such integral part of my healing journey back to my truest and highest self. Just like the Black women in my life who allow me to dig deeper into myself. I enjoy blessing my cannabis with intentions of only the highest vibrations.”

— Brooke D., Vol. 107

“I grew up with a mother who worked in cannabis and consumed for medical reasons. She had a horrific experience with prescription drugs that changed our lives forever but also my outlook on medication. The fact that this one plant can be used to treat, aide, comfort, and create is simply beautiful.

— Nayssa Devora Davis, Vol. 95

“Before I started consuming cannabis I had a heavy drinking problem. As I disconnected from old environments, I invited cannabis into my space. It helped me completely stop drinking. My pineal gland has opened and I'm able to think in ways I never even thought of before. I'm free.”

— Tea Vickers, Vol. 58

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It opens the mind! I’m already creative, but it enhances my ability to come up with the most imaginative ideas/concepts AND the balls to execute them. I see the world for what it actually is. I can peep people’s motives from a mile away. Makes my world more tolerable!”

— Kimberly Waldropt, Vol. 25

Cannabis allows me to connect back to my sensuality and creativity with ease—flowing and vibing through each moment. I'm able to pause and BE present—aligned and in harmony with my highest vibration & I love that for me.”

— Sky Britnei, Vol. 120

Cannabis helps me deal with the anxiety of running my own business, allows me to be as creative as possible, and keeps me company while I execute my dreams. Smoking also puts me in a state of mind where I don't give a fuck about what others think—and that's powerful to me.”

— Melissa Alam, Vol. 31

“Creating and sustaining a company has been the hardest thing in my life, but there's something about cannabis that makes me boss up and do what needs to be done so I can continue to make an impact I envisioned.”

— Nicole Tinson, Vol. 35

I am the most productive and it gives me clarity allowing me to see the vision on a blank canvas while also aligning my creative thoughts. It weeds out my anxiety (haha, literally).”

— Kagan Taylor, Vol. 43

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“Cannabis has helped me find peace among life’s harsh realities. Entering adulthood during pandemic isolation, privately battling an incurable chronic illness, PTSD, depression… through it all weed has helped me be a better friend to myself and connect with others in a more meaningful way.

— Emily Casey, Vol. 133

For me, it's the most consistent, effective relaxation and leisure activity. Also, it enhances virtually every activity—eating, sleeping, watching a film, the list goes on.”

— Ivy Sole, Vol. 123

Cannabis relaxes me. It helps me combat pain and anxiety. I love the giggles it helps create when I’m with my friends. I love how it can enhance sex for me.”

— Nichole Perkins, Vol. 119

The only thing that will make me relax. Helps me stop and reflect. Gets me creative. Like my own personal hype bubble.”

— Nina Samaan, Vol. 91

“I am someone with a lot of energy. Weed helps me slow down and take it easy. I stress less and enjoy the simplicity of life when I smoke.”

— Stacey LaShawn, Vol. 84

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Cannabis is such a magical plant. It’s taught me so much about myself and how I operate in the world. It asks you to be present and address what you’re feeling in the moment. In a world where even a second is too long—we need that check in! It’s my “me time” and it holds it down every time. I truly believe there’s a weed for every need and I’m happy to have it in my life.”

— Yemi Negussie, Vol. 103

“Why not? It’s helped ease my anxiety. I completely stopped taking pain pills during my period, it helps my insomnia, activates my creativity. Cannabis makes me more mindful: I can taste water, I can feel emotions… everything is heightened because I am more aware and in tune. Weed frees my mind.”

— Vic Styles, Vol. 121

“It's been a constant in my life since I was 13. I suffer from anxiety and grew up a bit closed off. Cannabis has pushed me to be the outwardly expressive being I am today.

— Brittney Rankin, Vol. 09

“Oof, where do I start? Weed has helped me build relationships and create safe spaces. It has helped me process my emotions and execute my ideas. Incorporating weed in my daily life has helped me deal with my everyday (New York) anxieties.

— Kara B., Vol. 39

Cannabis allows me to tap into sacral energy and express myself creatively. Passion, sex and art all come from sacral energy and cannabis is the pathway and connection to all of it.”

— Alandria Hatcher, Vol. 116

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“Cannabis is medicine. Before I knew why I smoked it, I liked the effects. It kept me calm and mellow. I now know that it helps with my anxiety and depressive episodes. Holistically, I feel like it helps me be more centered and grounded. I’m thankful for what cannabis has done for me.

— Brittainy Lynn, Vol. 94

“Cannabis is a master teacher, a spiritual ally and allows us to experience the full breadth of living and being. Cannabis brings the body/mind into unison, harmony. As within, so without. Homeostasis is the human default we're on a collective journey back to.”

— DeJanae Evins, Vol. 11

Cannabis connects me to Spirit. It furthers my creativity and grounds me. It also helps me have the most soul-shattering orgasms. Cannabis helps me make magick.”

— Dominique Webb, Vol. 89

Cannabis alongside psilocybin has shaped our lives in ways we’d never imagine. From the deep spiritual and mental healing they provide to the most intense bliss one could ever feel, there’s no denying its potential to reshape how we deal with our inner problems.”

— Ambra Melendez, Vol. 132

“Cannabis was always something I used in a social setting but now that I’m older I definitely use it to unwind. I find myself dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety, cannabis helps recenter myself and just be present in the moment.

— Zakiyyah Smith, Vol. 98

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Cannabis is such a versatile healing plant that I appreciate in all its forms. It enhances any experience: listening to music, creating, being social, cooking… the list goes on.”

— Shanté Honeycutt, Vol. 97

It’s a vibe thing. Cooking with cannabis or sharing edibles with the group at a function always brings the vibe to another level.”

— D. Woods, Vol. 130

“Why cannabis? Simple, it enhances every experience.

— Kimee B., Vol. 110

Weed realigns my frequency and helps me unwind when I’m feeling off or uninspired.”

— Linda Tran, Vol. 128

“I smoke cannabis to focus, chill, be creative, enhance sex, the list goes on. In short, it’s everything I need it to be.

— M. Lee, Vol. 106

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